Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Pics of our first softball game!

The team all together! 

Prayer time before our game. 
Some of the boys, before the game. 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Did you know....

. . .that summer is a busy time at the Maria Kaupas Center?

The second session of Vacation Bible School was so popular that some participants asked if they could keep coming, and our generous instructors agreed. During the second week, children were led in a discussion about how
God is our Protector,
And how His love keeps us safe and frees us to live the lives we choose.
Afterwards, they created beautiful signs, inspired by God’s love and brought to life by the colors of the rainbow.

MKC teens continue to drop in and enjoy the opportunities and companionship available at the Center.

UNO july 2014 2.jpg

Text Box: Teens come to drop in hours to work on projects or just hang out with friends. Some of the most popular activities of the summer include UNO tournaments and Wednesday movie nights.

movie night.JPG

Next up?

Co-ed Softball tournament sponsored by the Vicariate V Youth Ministry Commission.
The MKC will take on challenges from the teens at St. Gall, St. Turibius, and St. Nick on
July 29 & 31 on the Catalyst softball field beginning at 6:00 p.m.
Come out if you can and cheer on the Kaupas Krusaders!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Vicariate V Southside Co-Ed Summer Softball League- 2014

Teams: MKC, St. Gall, St. Nick’s, St. Turibius

Dates: July 29, 31. August 8th with short Mass/prayer service and food.

Times: 1st game promptly at 6 pm. 2nd game promptly at 7 pm. Remember that it gets dark earlier
later in the summer.

July 29 – 6:00pm MKC vs St. Gall
               7:00pm St. Nick’s vs. St. Turibius

July 31 – 6:00pm St. Gall vs. St. Nick’s
               7:00pm St. Turibius vs. MKC

Home team is on the right.

August 8th– 6:00pm Mass followed by food. The field will be open after Mass

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Painting the Kaupas Kafe

Can't wait to see the end result, more pictures coming soon!

The students hanging out at the MKC..

Playing our favorite game! 
Don't forget about our UNO tournament tomorrow from 6-8! 
Awesome prizes for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd winners.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Next Wednesday's activity!


When: July 16, 2014 6pm-8pm
Where: Maria Kaupas Center
Description: The MKC is having an UNO night on July 16, 2014. We encourage everyone to come and please bring friends. However, if you bring friends please make sure they download the MKC application online at and fill it out. Make sure they bring it with them or email it to Ms. Eckhouse at  UNO tables will be set up and prizes will be given to the TOP 3 winners.  If you want to hang out at the center, feel free to come any time between the hours of noon and 6.  Tournament play begins at 6. Doors close at 6:15.  We look forward to seeing you! J

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Check out what our bible school students did today!

The students made today headbands that say "I have a caring heart". They learned how to show their loved ones, that they care for them. They also learned the importance of always praying and made night time prayer pillow cases. We had so much fun!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Pictures from our first day of Vacation Bible School!

Did you know...

. . . that the Maria Kaupas Center is hosting  
Vacation Bible School?

Children, kindergarten through 3rd grade, enthusiastically participate in the first day of “Finding God in Me and Me in God,” an MKC-sponsored Vacation Bible School. The program is supported by a grant from the Lasallian Education Fund.

If you know of a child who might be interested in participating, there is still time to register for additional sessions:
·        Week two, for children in grades four through six, runs from July 14 – 18
·        Week three, for children aged 12, 13, and 14, meets from July 28 – August 1.

For information on registration for VBS or other programming offered by the Center, please call MKC Program Director Amy Eckhouse at 773.925.8686 ext. 5001.

Pictured above are (standing) Graysen and Aliya;  (kneeling) Chris, Teagan, and Jayden.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Teen Reflection!

Teen Reflections from a great TEEN SERVICE WEEK!!


1. “It is summer in Chicago. School is out. Vacation is here. Children and teens of all sorts are delighted to get a break from studying and enjoy the nice weather. Despite this sense of glee, many students of Chicago’s South side are worried that they may go hungry for the summer. This is due to the fact that very often, the closest thing to a meal these children receive was from the free [and] reduced lunch program. Provided by the school.

During this time, there are also many teens who recognize problems like these and feel like they have not only the desire, but also the ability to do something about the many problems in Chicago. Teen Service Week is composed of many teens who feel this way as well as several dedicated adult leaders who guide them. They are broken into small groups that work together every day. Younger teens commonly stay at one or two work sites throughout the duration of the week, while the older teens go to a new site every day. This great program not only provides service to Chicago, but it also provides a service to the teens. A service that educates teens on the social injustices that are put upon much of the less wealthy population of Chicago.

One of the many places or “work-sites” visited by the participants of TSW was the Port Ministries Center. This wonderful place is located on the South Side of Chicago, right where its help is needed the most. They prepare lunch meals that contain a sandwich and a snack sack. This food is provided year round but is most helpful during the summer for teens not in school.

TSW participants spread a day of the week helping peer ministry prepare and distribute sandwiches. Led by Anthony who is an amazing service man to Port Ministries, TSW learns about the culture, poverty rates and people of the South Side of Chicago. --No name listed


2. I went to Tree House Animal Shelter during my TSW. Tree House is not only an extremely nurturing and cat-orientated environment, but the people who who work there are amazing as well.  Mike the director of the shelter, is very compassionate and honest with his work. As a TSW volunteer, it was interesting and fun to wkr even when we were in the dusty basement, going through storage bins. My group and I were listening to music and dancing which made the work go by so much faster. Afterward, we got to socialize with the cats by playing and petting them. When the time came to 3:00 and we had to leave, I felt sad but also fulfilled because we did help the shelter and the cats and that’s what matters the most.

--Corienne Gammariello


3. Food Justice

This site was actually a collection of many. We spent the day traveling to a variety of different grocery stores in the area and discussion what made each of them unique, both negatively and positively. We each wrote out a list of typical foods we might eat each day, then priced the same list at every store to see which ones were cheaper, more expensive, produce specialized or package specialized. Eventually, as we were driving, the stores stopped appearing multiple times per block and started becoming more scarce, until they only food available for more than a mile were processed snacks at liquor stores. We learned that these are called food deserts, and they present huge disruptions of healthy living, as people can neither access or afford nutrient rich food.  --no name given


4. A Safe Haven is a not-for-profit halfway house situated on Roosevelt Ave. in the depths of the Southside of Chicago. The exterior of the building does not quite reflect its intent. The brushed steel modernist exterior to modern interior are not indicative of this being the home of 100s of homeless, veterans, and criminals who are awaiting trial and are incapable of supporting themselves.  

Like Chicago’s own Hull House, A Safe Haven strives to provide not only immediate corporeal needs of their bodies (food, water, shelter, etc) but a Safe Haven works to address the root causes of this misfortune by offering all kinds of programs from the education to betterment of the disadvantaged. TSW worked at A Safe Haven for 2 days with two different groups. Those groups learned about  Safe Haven’s mission as well as providing the overworked staff with support in the kitchen, dining room, and community food pantry. A Safe Haven is a wonderful teacher of the value of every person regardless of previous decisions. --Nick Del Guidice




Thursday, July 3, 2014

Movie Night!


When: July 9, 2014 6pm-8pm
Where: Maria Kaupas Center

Description: The MKC is having a movie night on July 9, 2014. We encourage everyone to come and please bring friends. However, if you bring friends please make sure they download the MKC application online at and fill it out. Make sure they bring it with them or email it to Ms. Eckhouse at in order for them to come. For the movie there will be various selections and majority pick will win. The movie is free and we will provide popcorn and drinks for you guys. If you plan on coming to the center to hang out come during the day the hours are 10am-6pm. We look forward to seeing you! J