Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday's Reflection

MKC Friday Reflection – Scholars were open and honest about some serious questions.  Many of these ideas, insights and thoughts will be addressed in the upcoming peace circle experiences on Wednesdays.

MKC Scholars – thoughts on four questions:
1.      What do you like most about yourself?
2.      What do you like least about yourself?
3.     What in your life causes you pain?
4.     If Jesus was here at the MKC in the flesh, what would you say to Him?

MKC scholars answered…
What do you like most about yourself?
I am nice to people, I like how I don’t let people run all over me, I love my personality, nothing, I am good at sports, the way I act, that I can make people laugh, I am brave and strong, I am smart, the way I carry myself, I like that I am a good person, the way I dress, my hair, sometimes I can be a really cool person, I am creative, my eyes, I help my siblings do better, I can see when someone needs help, I am respectful, I don’t lie to my parents like I used to, I am beautiful and always ready to help others, I am sad that the answer is nothing, my family, my smile, I am always honest to people, I don’t use facebook to hurt others, I treat adults with respect, I’m good in relationships, my grandma loves me, making my dad proud, I work hard, my eyes are pretty, I give to others who are in need, not much at all, I can sing, I make people feel good, I take care of my grandma, I don’t steal, that God loves me no matter what, my ears, I don’t get angry very often.

What do you like the least about yourself?
I let people get the best of me, I have a negative attitude, my feelings, I don’t know what I want to do in life, I get angry and I let it ruin my whole day, I am a hater sometimes, my body, I don’t understand things like most people, my hair, I tell lies a lot, I am too sensitive, I cry, I am never happy with what I have, the ability to be mean, I am not nice to my teachers, not respecting my dad, my emotions, I am lazy and don’t do what people ask me to do, I have anger problems, I let people take advantage of me, I can’t be honest, my height, when I don’t listen, my leaning problems, I can’t control my anger, I am heavy, I cheat on tests, I get so sad sometimes, my legs, I am hard on myself, I think negatively, I’m not good with girls, I take my family for granted, I don’t like how I don’t fit in with everyone, I care too much about people who don’t care about me, where I live, being around negative people all the time, I steal, I am addicted to something, I listen to depressing music, I can’t forgive my dad and he deserves it.

What in your life causes you the most pain?
Not being able to see my mom who is alive and not having my dad who passes, when I put a lot of stress on myself, the violence in the streets, loving every person that comes into my life, my past, my family, the bad decision I made,  my dad used to hit me, not being able to lose weight, always having to tell my mom not to drink, my friend who abuses her body, being late for school because my dad won’t get up, when my mom and dad fight, I get so hurt when people talk about me, when I get caught stealing – I just want to stop, losing my friend t o the stupid violence on my block, seeing my family down, broken relationships, thinking about my future – not wanting to be a loser like my dad, hiding my true feelings that I have for a special friend, knowing that my family struggles financially, when my mom died, over thinking, when the people I think are my friends and then I realize they are not, when my sister hits me, the fact that my brother died and we were getting a better relationship, seeing people who are poor, I feel lonely, I get depressed, not being able to live with my mom and dad together, I have been betrayed, my community, feeling suicidal, sometimes I feel like no one cares, when my dad mistreats my mom, physical abuse.

If today Jesus was here in the MKC, in the flesh, what would you say?
Can you make my family rich, why am I not close to my mother, why do I go through a lot of heartache and pain, can you take away my auntie’s sickness, to forgive people who have bad intentions and to tell me why I feel so lonely, to make me stronger and a better athlete so that I can get rich and change my city, how do I make the pain go away and how can I love Him more,  if you made this world, can’t you bring peace, to make me taller, why does my dad do the things he does, to save me, help me and my family,  will you save me, what is your plan for me, can you help me to stop hiding my emotions, how did you feel when everything happened to you, what can I do to make it through the gates,  why do I always get hurt, -  why did you make me so weak, can you bring my cousin back, to forgive me for all the bad things I’ve done, how long will I live, why is my life so difficult – why is all this pain not going away, do you love me even if I’ve done really bad things, can you help me accept my body, can you remove my painful thoughts, tech me the way of life and allow me to live without so much regret, will you help me change my angry ways, please heal my mom, uncle and auntie, why did my mom give me and my brother to my grand mom and auntie, why do I keep doing bad things, it is so hard taking care of my grandma, tell my mom not to be so hard on me, I want to know more about you but not too many people do, why is there so much suffering in the world – aren’t you all about love-can’t you make it be more loving.

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